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IPL auctions to happen again to reject Pak players, avenging Asia Cup defeat

03, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Mumbai. Soon after India’s defeat against Pakistan in a crucial match of the ongoing Asia cup, BCCI President N Srinivasan has announced to re-auction players for IPL team selection.

It is being said that BCCI has taken this decision just in order to reject Pakistani players, once again, thus taking “revenge” for the Asia Cup defeat.

“They did what they wanted to do, now it’s our turn to show them who the big daddy is,” boasted a senior official of BCCI.

Shahid Afridi at IPL auctions
Earlier Pakistani players were not allowed during IPL auctions

Sources tell Faking News that Srinivasan decided to re-auction after sensing wave, much stronger than Modi wave, of irritation against Pakistan among the cricket fans of India.

A group of ardent cricket fans had initially approached the Government of India to take some serious action against Pakistan, but the government refused to act. Instead, they asked Kohli to have bilateral talks with Afridi.

“What B#^C*$!” a Kohli fan is reported to have reacted over government’s suggestion.

Frustrated and further irritated with government’s response, the fans met N Srinivasan and requested him to do at least one thing that was in favor of real “cricket enthusiasts” i.e. the cricket fans of India.

Not so surprisingly, the BCCI chief agreed to soothe the feelings of fans, and declared that IPL auctions will be held again, this time allowing Pakistani players to participate. And every team will be unofficially told to not bid for any Pakistani players.

Experts say that Srinivasan’s vigilantism is going to revive his personal image and is expected to cover-up IPL related controversies.

However, BCCI and Srinivasan are calling it an act of patriotism.

“We want to pass a strong message to Pakistan that we are BCCI, not government of India,” said Srinivasan, who further promised that IPL-7 will take place on time despite general elections and re-auctions.

The re-auctions have been scheduled to take place in the same stadium of Bangladesh where Pakistan defeated India on Sunday. Bangladesh has agreed to rent out the stadium for 3 quintals of India Cements.

“Better to fix auctions than fix matches,” a Pakistani player told Faking News and conceded that he won’t mind taking part in the auctions if he was paid decently to go unsold.

“We have bigger hearts,” the player further added, “If that’s what pleases Indians, let it be.”