With IPL cancelled, bookies now placing bets on PM Modi's next Sunday task

08, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

The mega cricketing event is staring at a no-show. The IPL which has for a decade been the bread and butter for many bookies will most likely be cancelled.

This has left many punters looking for other things to bet on.

Sources say that bookies are now placing bets on PM Modi’s next Sunday task.

After having the nation enthusiastically participating in the tasks, there is high likelihood that PM may announce a new task this week.

Many bookies are looking to make some money through bets.

Speaking to Faking News  a bookie said, “IPL was our NREGA. And not just us, several franchise owners too depended on the event for making money. With the event being cancelled this year, we will have to look at other options. Usually bets happen over sporting events but time around, for lack of anything better to place bet on, we are betting on PM’s Sunday task.”

According to insiders, low scale betting even took place during 9pm9minutes event. Though authorities have refuted it and said they are keeping an eye on illegal bets and any such

Ground reality looks different though. “From what I know, crores are being bet on PM asking citizens to sing the national anthem from their balcony,” revealed a punter.

Reacting to the news of placing bets, Rahul Gandhi said that he was least interested in any of the betting taking place on PMs events. “I don’t want to know what the PM is most likely to announce as the next event. In fact I am allergic to the bet. The last time i heard the word was when they said that the odds are in favor on Congress coming to power,” Rahul Gandhi said while speaking to our reporter.