IPL cheerleaders hired to cheer BCCI officials who are depressed over cancellation of IPL

22, Apr 2020 By @jurnoleast

IPL could most likely be called off, but cheerleaders are still busy. Many of the cheerleaders who were hired to perform during the matches will now be performing for a different set of audience.


Sources say that cheerleaders would help to cheer up BCCI officials who are depressed over the cancellation of the event.

“Many of them are finding it hard to come to terms with the cancellation of the cash rich event. One official I know complained of restlessness. Other complained of anger and frustration similar to his state when Rishabh Pant cheaply throws his wicket. Since these cheerleaders were sitting idle, the management decided to put them to some use,” said a source who is privy to the developments.

The best cheerleaders from all franchises would be cheering BCCI officials daily for a couple of hours, similar to how they do in the IPL matches.

Some say that there is still hope that the IPL could take place. On its part the BCCI has done everything possible to make things happen. “At one point we were thinking of conducting underwater IPL. And now they have announced a cash prize of a billion dollars to anyone who comes up with a vaccine for coronavirus. So you see how desperate the situation is,” the source added.

Several of those associated with IPL requested that cheerleaders be arranged for them as well.

Players, commentators and support staff for whom IPL is like a ‘rozgaar yojana’, too wanted someone to lift up their sagging spirits.

Though BCCI has said that it will look in the matter, there has not been any official announcement on this yet.