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IPL fired cheerleader for not promoting her blog properly

11, May 2011 By Pagal Patrakar

Mumbai. Latest reports suggest that South African cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto, who had written about cricketers “misbehaving” with her in post-match parties in her anonymous blog, was fired for failing to promote her blog properly. The IPL governing council thought that the cheerleader was utterly useless in attracting any attention and eyeballs through her attempts, which could have given the much needed publicity to the professional Twenty20 league.

“Would you have known about this blog had we not fired her?” a Mumbai Indians spokesman argued, “I mean, here is a girl in skimpy clothes, saying cricketers see her as a walking porn, and yet nobody has a fucking clue that such a blog existed! Come on, more people knew about Faking News than her so-called secret diary!”

Gabriella Pasqualotto
Sacked cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto, seen in full clothes here, claims she had even hired a SEO expert for promoting her blog, but it seems he was a fraud.

Gabriella, who has been now sent back to South Africa by Mumbai Indians, was asked to be fired by the IPL governing council, which expressed utter disappointment with her attempts as her blog was not being followed by either the masses or the media.

“Contrast it with the Fake IPL Player blog during the second edition of IPL,” IPL chairman Chirayu Amin said, “People were talking about that blog more than match reports. And what was he writing? Some stuff about dressing room. And here we had a cheerleader talking about sex and parties and yet nobody knew about it till we had to fire her.”

Mr. Amin said that the fourth edition of IPL faced the biggest challenge to stay in news as it competed with news stories like Indian World Cup victory, Anna Hazare’s fast, A Raja and Kalmadi’s arrest, and recently, Osama’s death, and in such a scenario the cheerleader’s blog was not a bad idea, but Gabriella made a mess of it.

“Just because of this stupid girl, people would say that IPL4 missed Lalit Modi,” Mr. Amin rued.

Ghanta!” he added as he signed orders to stop release of pending payments to Gabriella.