Wednesday, 1st April, 2020


IPL to be played with empty stadium, spectators to be added later with help from Hollywood vfx experts: BCCI

13, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

Staring at the possibility of not a single match being played in IPL this year, BCCI has now come up with a proposal that will keep fans happy and also ensure safety against coronavirus spread.


With the decision to go ahead with IPL left with BCCI, the cricketing body has decided to conduct the matches with empty stadiums.

As per highly placed sources, spectators would be added later using vfx. Speaking to Faking News, the source said, “IPL is all about entertainment. Without spectators it wouldn’t be as much fun. So Hollywood vfx experts have been roped. These experts have worked with many award winning movies. Viewers won’t be able to make out the any difference.”

“There were concerns from franchise owner over inclusion of overseas players. That will also be taken care of by vfx experts,” the source added.

Apparently, BCCI was ready to risk coronavirus, but not ready left go off a money minting event like IPL.

Though most teams and franchise owners were happy with the decision, Royal Challengers Bangalore weren’t too enthusiastic with the news.

After giving a lackluster performance in the last couple of seasons, the team hoped that IPL would be cancelled owing to coronavirus and the team would be spared from further embarrassment.

Team captain Virat Kohli looked tensed and was even seen speaking to owners to try and stop IPL 2020 from taking place.

However, BCCI was in no mood for excuses and looked all set to go ahead with the matches.

“If RCB fails to show up for any match, we will create the entire team with vfx,” remarked a BCCI official.