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IPL players undergo training to remember which team they are part of as tournament progresses

22, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. IPL governing council has today ordered all players participating in IPL to undergo a mandatory training meant to enhance their memory and help them about the team they are part of as the tournament progresses.

The council took this decision after there were reports of players getting confused and forgetting which team they are part of and entering wrong dressing rooms in the process.

The course will aim at sharpening memory and clearing confusion in the minds of players which may arise due to them being part of so many different franchises and the long length of the tournament.

Not all players in this frame have played for just one franchise.
Not all players in this frame have played for just one franchise.

“There are some players who have been part of more IPL franchises than the matches they have played in all the seasons so far,” pointed a member of IPL council.

Last season players like Yusuf Pathan took advantage of the long length of the tournament and convinced owners of their franchise that they indeed performed in early part of the tournament, thereby retaining their place in the squad. The council wants to make sure such things are not repeated.

Not only this, the course will also aim at making teams and players remember which opposition they have played, beaten and lost to so far.

BCCI vice-president and IPL commissioner Ranjit Biswal too justified the course and argued its merits.

“It is still early days and we already have signs of players forgetting their teams,” Biswal told Faking News.

“Look how confused Murali Vijay was in yesterday’s match. Though in Delhi Daredevil’s jersey, Murali was still playing for his ex-team Chennai Super Kings,” Biswal argued to prove his point.

However rubbishing such accusations, Murali’s coach claimed his ward’s memory is very sharp and asked Biswal to look for his IPL record where he has never played for the team he has been a part of.

Meanwhile fans back in India have given thumbs up to the course and asked for a similar course that can help them keep track of the matches played with many not being able to remember them.