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Both our IPL teams are in final; Maharashtra is the most developed state in India: Fadnavis

21, May 2017 By RT

Mumbai:  After last night’s qualifier where Mumbai Indians beat KKR, it is going to be an all Maharashtra final on Sunday. The Chief Minister of the state was elated to know the outcome of last night’s match and immediately declared a public holiday on 21st may, a Sundaydevandra-fadnavis_627591aa-fa86-11e6-ad84-a7b153747446

“Development or success of a state is measured by the excellence in sports. Both our IPL teams qualifying for this year’s final is the mark of sustained hard development work done by my government in the past years. Our opposition meekly criticizes us on the issues of farmers’ suicide, open defecation in Mumbai and roads with full of pot holes etc., Frankly speaking, people are more worried if there is a rain interruption during an IPL match than the rain for a farmer to cultivate”, Fadnavis told Faking News.

“How many states have two IPL teams? How many states have their IPL teams qualify for the final? How many states have an IPL trophy? Analyse answers to these questions and you will find that Maharashtra is the most developed state in India. To make it a world class state, we plan to introduce IPL teams in Dombivli and Lonavala also”, he further added.

“The day I see all the four Maharashtra teams in the play-offs, we will retire peacefully, having taken the state to the highest levels in terms of overall development. Every Mumbaikar and Poonawala will be proud. And there will be new teams for Dombivli and LonaWala!”, the CM could not suppress a smile while coining new terms for the state’s citizens.

Meanwhile, a few states have petitioned to the central government asking for IPL relief fund to help recover from the losses in the league and to uplift the spirit of the people from the respective states, it is learnt by Faking News.