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IPL to introduce ‘Kurta’ instead of Jersey to increase space for Ads on clothing

14, Apr 2016 By DexterSpeaks

Mumbai: Indian Premier League’s governing council has decided to replace t-shirts with kurtas in players uniform. This move will help teams accommodate more sponsors on their uniforms and increase overall revenue.

Not just commentators, players will wear such Kurtas as well now

Mr. Rajiv Shukla, chairman of IPL has confirmed that a proposal has been given to BCCI to adopt Kurta as the official jersey. “When players play with a t-shirt, we get limited space to place names of the sponsors as very little space is left after placing team logo and player’s name. However, a Kurta provides much greater surface area and we can accommodate twice as many sponsors on it as the normal jersey”, Mr. Shukla explained.

“The attendances this year are low, even TRPs aren’t all that great. Plus we will have to bear the cost of shifting matches from Maharashtra to other states. In such lean times, we had to think out of the box to boost our revenues and this is such a brilliant idea. Sponsors get more space, players get trendy ethnic Indian wear, fans get to see a new sight, win-win-win situation”, Mr. Shukla dded before tucking into a plate of samosas.

Cricketers have also welcomed this proposal as this will help increase overall team revenue and as a result, players salaries are also expected to rise. Mr. Champion, who plays in every league ever heard of, says that this idea is perfect. In fact he would like this Kurta jersey to be adopted everywhere. When we asked a cricketer whether they won’t feel a bit ridiculous playing in kurtas, he replied, “We saw Honey Singh riding on top of a tank singing some song. Compared to that, nothing is ridiculous mate.”

Meanwhile, some political parties accused NDA of pushing saffronization through this replacement of T-shirts with Kurtas. However, opposition died down once they found out that the kurtas will be sourced from FabIndia.