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IPL Umpires to undergo special training to help them handle Kohli's anger

18, Apr 2018 By @jurnoleast

IPL Managing Committee has finally found a way to deal with Virat Kohli’s anger management issue on the field. The RCB captain’s aggression was on full display in the match against Mumbai Indians after a controversial decision went against him. At the receiving end was an umpire who had ruled in favor of Kohli but later changed it after referring it to the third umpire.

But that did not stop Kohli from letting out steam. “The Committee felt that with Kohli in the team it is necessary to take precautions. Previously our counselors held training sessions with Kohli in an effort to calm him down. But that did not help and our counselors came out learning new abuses. This time around we thought it would be better to leave Kohli alone and train Umpires instead,” said a highly placed official.

Not just field umpires, third umpires too are scared to officiate in matches involving Kohli. “After that decision involving Hardik Pandya’s wicket, I had a feeling that someone is stalking me. I am getting blank calls all throughout the day. I feel there is a threat to my security,” said a third umpire who didnt wish to be named.

Other umpires too voiced similar concerns and said that they will be wearing burqa’s for future matches involving Kohli, just to be on the safe side.

The Committee is also in touch with Anushka Sharma to find out how she handles Kohli at home.