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Ireland's win over WI creates panic in Indian dressing room, BCCI accuses ICC of keeping India in a tougher group

17, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

Adelaide. Ireland’s spectacular run chase against West Indies seems to have created a huge panic in the Indian dressing room.

Soon after India defeated Pakistan in their opening game, the celebrations in the dressing room were marred by this shocking news.

Saddened with the development; Indian team management now feels that their task for qualifying to the next stage has become even more challenging.

The dejected lot.
The dejected lot.

“The faces of almost all Indian players were so glum that for a moment, we thought if we had entered Pakistani dressing room,” the cleaning staff at Adelaide stadium confirmed to Faking News.

BCCI too condemned Ireland’s unexpected win and complained to ICC of their presence in the group causing extra burden on Indian team.

“This is unfair. Strong teams of the other group have distinct advantage. With England perennially disinterested in shorter format of the game, they virtually have only 3 strong teams vying for quarter final berth,” the BCCI’s spokesperson pointed.

“As opposed to that in our group, only UAE could be taken lightly, not even Zimbabwe, what with them defeating Sri Lanka in the warm up game,” he went on to explain.

BCCI has now asked ICC to either change India’s group or induct Bermuda and Namibia in the current group on immediate basis.

“They even have option of bringing in Delhi Daredevils,” he added.

However ICC disagreed with BCCI’s views and in its defense claimed that after yesterday’s game, West Indies were no longer a strong team.

“They are officially minnows now, and I promise BCCI that they will continue the same form for the rest of the games, and use them as warm ups for IPL” assured ICC spokesperson.

“Plus there is a distinct difference between performing well in a warm up game and then repeating it in actual games,” he argued, pointing to Zimbabwe.

“You may not look very far to agree with me on that,” he said pointing to a Rohit Sharma’s poster.