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Ishant Sharma complains to BCCI of ragging after being labeled ‘leader of pace attack’ by bowling coach

16, Dec 2014 By indianpsycho

Brisbane. In a complaint to BCCI, Indian fast bowler Ishant Sharma, today accused bowling coach Bharat Arun of publicly ragging him after the latter called Ishant ‘leader of Indian pace attack’.

Ishant argued that such tags could affect him mentally ahead of second test match; after he had earlier maintained that he doesn’t consider himself role model for any Indian bowler.

Fans hope Ishant shows same intensity that he showed while chasing bowling coach.
Fans hope Ishant shows same intensity on field that he showed while chasing bowling coach.

“Had he said that prior to first test, I wouldn’t have minded but that he has the audacity to say such a thing even after seeing my performance in first test is what took me by surprise,” Ishant told Faking News.

“The timing of his statement proves he was trying to troll me,” Ishant further mentioned. “I may sound like Mr Bean but I am not as dumb as him. I know the difference between someone deliberately teasing me and somebody actually complimenting me.”

Ishant reportedly lost his patience and decided to complain when the bowling coach didn’t stop at that and went on to claim that other bowlers often look up to him and admire him.

“First of all that’s bullshit! And I think even if they admire me, it is not for the reason stated by him but for the reason that despite playing the way I have, I already have 60 tests under my belt,” Ishant pointed.

Ishant further clarified that he had a sense of humour and takes such tags/statements in right spirit as long as they are uttered by colleagues in dressing room or on twitter.

“But such fun is not expected from a person holding as serious a position as bowling coach,” he said.

“Simply put, I am not as large hearted as Rohit Sharma who seldom reacts even after being called ‘talented’ time and again by every second person,” he added.

Meanwhile Ravindra Jadeja is still convinced that he is deservingly and respectfully called ‘SIR’ and nobody is ragging him.