After Jadeja's sword video, Sunil Joshi announces that he has been selected in Indian team for next 10 years

14, Apr 2020 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Even though cricket is currently suspended and no team selection is due, Chief Selector Sunil Joshi has announced that all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja has been selected in the team for every format for the next 10 years. Barring any injury, Jadeja will be a part of the squad right throughout the next decade.

jadeja sword

Sunil Joshi took this decision after a conference call with the rest of the selectors. Apparently, this discussion was prompted by a video posted by Jadeja, in which he was seen demonstrating his skills with a sword. Worried about facing this sword after any non-selection, BCCI decided it is better to keep the all-rounder happy and satisfied.

Speaking to Faking News through zoom, Mr. Joshi said, “Well we have decided to select him for a long period because he is a very good player, his batting is improving each day, he is an excellent bowler, he is world’s best fielder, but most importantly, he knows where I live and knows that I can’t leave during the lockdown. I don’t want to see him standing outside my door with that sword in his hand.”

“There were some concerns raised by other members, asking what if tomorrow Dhoni puts up a video where he is showing off his shooting skills, will we select him for the next 10 years too. Then we thought we will look at that later if any such video does come up, lets address the current issue first”, the chairman of selectors added.

Meanwhile, Sanjay Manjrekar has uploaded a video where he was expertly shielding himself from blows using a huge iron plate. He refused to comment if this video has been shared due to any recent development.