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Jay Shah hints at NRC (National Registry of Cricketers), no place for non-performers in the list, Rishabh Pant nervous

12, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

Similar to the National Registry of Citizens, the top management of BCCI are planning to come out with a National Registry of Cricketers. The idea was floated by Secretary Jay Shah in a post match meeting between BCCI top brass.


“Though India won the match yesterday, Jay Shah was concerned about Rishabh Pant’s performance after he got out with out scoring a run. In the meeting, Shah created a ppt with all the memes on Pant that were goign viral on social media and presented it to other officials. He also pointed out how the selections of Pant has now become a laughing matter which needs to be addressed,” said a BCCI official.

Following the presentation, Jay Shah proposed a National Registry of Cricketers which will weed out the non performers. Though BCCI constitution does not have a provision for such a registry, none of the BCCI officials opposed Jay Shah’s proposal.

Sources say even coach and commentators are not exempt and they too will be assessed before including their name in the list.

The news of the registry has got Pant jittery and the wicketkeeper was seen having an animated discussion with skipper Virat Kohli. “Dropped catches and low scoring rate, I would be really worried if I was Rishabh. Now everything depends on how players are chosen or excluded from the list,” revealed commentator Kharcha Dhoble.

There were also reports that team India players have spotted Pant reading Bank PO study material during his free time. A clear signal that the news of the registry has got him worried and he now wants a back up plan in place just in case his name figures in the list.

BCCI sources were tight lipped about the registry. Insiders however revealed that a final decision will be taken by Sourav Ganguly in a meeting which is scheduled to take place next week.