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Jose Mourinho rejects offer to coach India after hearing about traffic fine for parking the bus inside the ground

11, Sep 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. Jose Mourinho, the great Football Manager is never short of stories. Our sources have found that he was offered the role to manage the Indian football team but he rejected it citing the amount of traffic fine on parking the bus inside the stadium. Mourinho, as many would know, is famous for parking the bus inside many stadiums of this world and he would not be able to do without it for a long duration of time.


The AIFF President, Mr. Praful Patel is a big Mourinho fan just like many others and wanted to know if the Portuguese manager would be interested in managing India, but he was left shocked after listening to Mourinho’s reasoning for not taking up the job. For many who don’t know, parking the bus means playing adefensive brand of football and relying on the counter-attack to win games, something Mourinho is an expert at.

As soon as he was offered the job, Mourinho’s team did some research work about the condition of Indian football and other aspects of the nation. The new hefty Traffic fines are a talk of the town and his team figured out that after paying such exorbitant amounts in fine, he would not be left with any salary amount to take home.

The reasons are genuine though, why would a great coach come to India with the knowledge that he will not earn a lot even after working hard to improve the team.