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Just like AAP, internal fight in Indian team imminent if it wins world cup

11, Mar 2015 By indianpsycho

Auckland. Indian cricket fans should brace themselves up to witness an engaging fight between Indian cricketers, in case India lifts the world cup.

With reports of a rift between Kolhi and Dhoni just before world cup, signs of it are already there.

Experts feel that open war in AAP after its landslide victory Delhi elections also hasn’t helped the matter as many Indian cricketers now feel fighting after winning is a cool thing to do.

Dhoni taking inspiration from Kejriwal? (Pic source: Rediff)
Dhoni taking inspiration from Kejriwal? (Pic source: Rediff)

“This fight would be mainly between ‘Dhoni & Co’ and ‘Delhi/North’ gang,” confirmed Rajiv Shukla, who did not wish to be named.

With Yograj Singh, father of Yuvraj Singh, already firing the opening salvo against Dhoni, just like Shanti Bhushan, father of Prashant Bhushan did before Delhi elections against Kejriwal; stage is set for an engrossing squabble in Indian cricket team.

Sources say that immediately after winning the cup, a meeting could be held in India Cements’s  BCCI HQ, where it will all start.

After the world cup win, while Dhoni is expected to fly to some undiclosed location to soak in the victory and recover from niggles/injuries much like Kejriwal taking treatment in Bengaluru, it is Dhoni’s loyalists namely Jadeja, Ashwin and Raina that are expected to take the center stage and attack the Delhi gang, who they allege is trying to dislodge Dhoni from his position, by gaining too much importance through their performances withing Indian team.

However Kohli is reportedly not interested in expressing himself through letters, and is expected to verbally outrage against Dhoni.

“I agree Pen is mightier than sword, but for us Delhiites, words are even mightier,” Dhawan confirmed as he twirled his mustache for one more time.

However one member of Delhi gang, Ishant Sharma, could turn out to be a mole to save his career.

Meanwhile Dhoni loyalists allege that Kohli’s conversation with that journalist where he allegedly abused him was actually a practice session and he was only telling him what he felt about Dhoni.

“We have the video tape of entire incident and will play it in the meeting to prove out point,” said Raina, whose Twitter escapades in the past have already got him the tag of Indian team’s Ashutosh.