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Karun Nair worried BCCI may ask him to refund expenses incurred during England tour

23, Aug 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

London: India has made a comeback in the series against England by winning the Trent Bridge Test match but one player in the squad is starting to get a little worried. Karun Nair, who has been a passenger with the team for the last month, is worried that BCCI may send him a bill for his hotel stay, food and travel expenses since he has not been involved with anything on the tour so far.

KarunNairNair started worrying about it after the squad for the last two Tests was announced in which BCCI added in-form middle order batsman in Hanuma Vihari further reducing Nair’s chances of getting a game.

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, a source inside the team said, “Till yesterday, Nair was repeatedly walking past Shastri and Kohli to remind them that he is also part of this tour. He thought he is not getting any game despite the struggles of the batsmen because they have forgotten about him. However, now he is keeping as far away from the Management as possible as someone may ask who is paying for his 2 months holiday in England.”

“Little hope that he had for playing a Test match on this tour were taken away from him when Shaw and Vihari got selected, both have scored plenty of runs for India A recently. Recency effect will make the Management select them ahead of him and he is worried BCCI may ask him for a refund of all expenses. He is the only one yet to do anything on the tour, even Jadeja has fielded as a substitute on several occasions”, our source added.

Meanwhile, Karun Nair was seen preparing a nice plate of chakhna for Coach Shastri to show that he wasn’t on a free holiday and did work hard during the course of the English summer.