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Kings XI Punjab’s cheerleaders take up knitting to spend free time during matches

27, Apr 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mohali: In an attempt to kill boredom during Kings XI Punjab’s IPL matches, their cheerleaders have taken up the hobby of knitting. Instead of sitting idle and waiting endless for the next wicket or boundary, they will now spend it knitting sweaters for themselves.

Kings XI
Finally they found something to do

Kings XI are currently at the last place in the IPL table having won only one game so far.

“We were getting so bored just sitting there and hoping for our team to get a boundary or a wicket so that we get something to do. We needed a hobby and after many people working in Indian Government offices advised us that this is the perfect hobby to spend time at work, we decided to take the plunge”, said Svetlana, a Russian cheerleader.

“We waited a couple of weeks to see if some work comes our way but so far, nothing. It is a struggle to stay awake during some of our matches. Once I fell asleep during one match and started dancing immediately after waking up only to find that Parthiv Patel has hit a six against us. It was really embarrassing. Now with knitting, I will be focused and awake and if any rare boundary is hit, will be in a position to dance”, Svetlana added.

Another cheerleader from South Africa joined in and said, “We won’t be taking any of the sweaters back with us, we will give them to Kings XI management. They are paying us so much so we must also give them something in return. We aren’t doing any dancing during the game so might as well repay with sweaters.”

Meanwhile, Kings XI management has advised cheerleaders to avoid taking wool and needles to the ground during the games against Royal Challengers Bangalore. “RCB is one bowling unit that will definitely assist us in hitting boundaries so the cheerleaders will have work that day”, said a Kings XI spokesperson.