KL Rahul goes to watch movie, attendant asks him to vacate his booked seat and allocates another seat number

05, Feb 2020 By Guest Patrakar

Auckland. Everything in life changes. Change is the only constant. And nothing symbolizes this more precisely than KL Rahul’s batting position. The position keeps on changing, just lie today when he was asked to bat at number 5.

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But Rahul had not expected this behaviour at other places. He was shocked when he went to see a movie with his girlfriend. The attendant came and asked them to vacate their booked seat and allocated them another seat number.

KL was obviously surprised at the turn of events. Upon asking the attendant about why he is being forced to change his seat, the attendant told him that there are strict orders from BCCI that KL Rahul should nut get anything permanent in life. There should be constant chopping and changing so that he can be so flexible and adapt to any role that the team management gives him.

KL took the response in his stride and followed the orders of the team. KL Also told the Faking News team that he used to always go and ask Shastri as to what number should he bat at and every time Ravi used to tell him a different number. KL realized after a while that Ravi used to be drunk when he used to ask him this question.