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Kohli defends Rishabh Pant's cheap dismissal, says 'treat him like Kachcha Nimbu' 

23, Dec 2019 By @jurnoleast

It was yet another cheap dismissal of Rishabh Pant in the match yesterday and familiar scene of grimace on the wicketkeeper’s face was seen on TV screens. With his lack of form, it is increasingly becoming difficult for Pant to fill Dhoni’s shoes. However, skipper Virat Kohli thinks that fans and media is putting undue pressure on the young batsman. Kohli was of the opinion that just like weak players in gully cricket who are considered Kachcha Nimbu, Pant should also be treated like one.

“Rishabh will take some time to learn and during that period he should be treated like a Kachcha Nimbu. In fact I think if he gets out early, he should be given another chance to bat. If he drops a catch, the batsman should be declared OUT. And most importantly he should not be compared to Dhoni. What really irks me are the Dhoni chants every time Pant comes out to bat,”

Insiders say that Kohli is also in talks with team management and senior BCCI officials to check if there is provision for Rishabh to play on the field as Kachcha Nimbu.

Cricket legend Brian Lara too seemed to be in support of Pant and said that the wicket-keeper had too much on his shoulders at the moment and his game would improve as he gets older.

“At age 21 I was cleaning Viv Richards shoes. Many youngsters have to do menial jobs before they make it big. I have seen many budding cricketers serving chakhna and soda to Ravi Shastri. Nothing is below dignity and it’s all part of the learning process,” he said while speaking to our reporter.