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If Kohli is free, can you ask him to play for us: Imran Khan calls Narendra Modi

25, Sep 2018 By Sandeep Kadian

Islamabad: Days after calling Indian PM Narendra Modi a small man, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has done a U-turn and called up his Indian counterpart for help. Concerned with the poor form of his Cricket team in Asia Cup, former captain Imran has asked Virat Kohli on loan for the rest of the tournament.

After defeating Hong Kong convincingly, Pakistan has lost twice to India by huge margins and barely scrapped through against Afghanistan in the other fixture. Now they face a knockout game against Bangladesh and Imran wants to win that match at any cost.

Virat Kohli, the Indian captain and currently the highest rated batsman in the world, is not part of the Indian team for Asia Cup and is resting in India.

Speaking to Faking News, a Pakistan government official said, “This can be the start of a beautiful India-Pakistan friendship if Modi and Kohli agree. Kohli is just doing some advertisements at the moment so he is practically free and we need a batsman so why not?”

When asked why Kohli, he said, “Looks like you haven’t seen our batting in this tournament. Otherwise you wouldn’t have asked this question. However, it is not just his batting that we require, we need at least one player in the team who can take a catch. We don’t want to see the Nagin dance from Bangladesh, nobody in the world wants to see the nagin dance from Bangladesh so for the love of humanity, approve this loan and send Kohli to Dubai.”

Indian PM Office refused to confirm whether the wish will be granted or not. A senior official said,” Initially we thought Imran is calling to ask for funds for his dam project and when he said he needs a person from India, we thought maybe he is getting married again and this time to an Indian but we were wrong. He asked for Kohli for a week and PM Modi is yet to discuss it with Virat. We will communicate our response accordingly after that.”

Meanwhile, Ahmed Shahzad was seen heading to Imran Khan’s office wearing a blue shirt with number 18 written on the back.