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Kohli patches up with Kumble after hearing that BCCI is thinking of making Justice Lodha the new coach

02, Jun 2017 By Santosh Pradhan

The Indian cricket team finds itself hit by a huge controversy with reports of a rift between captain Virat Kohli and head coach Anil Kumble taking centre-stage. While everything appeared hunky dory during India’s all-conquering home season, it has now come to light that Kohli has concerns over Kumble’s appointment from the very beginning. But not anymore, as the Indian Captain is trying to patch up Anil Kumble. This, because he heard a rumor tat Justice Lodha could be the new coach.


Following allegations of corruption, match fixing and betting scandals in cricket in the country, the Supreme Court of India appointed a three-panel member led by Justice R M Lodha in January 2015 to look into the functioning of BCCI and suggest reforms. The Lodha committee made life tough for the BCCI by suggesting strong measures. Justice Lodha who was heading the committee came up with suggestions which created havoc in the lives of the BCCI administrators. Now imagine Justice Lodha becoming the coach of the Indian cricket team, it is bound to give sleepless nights to the captain.

Virat Kohli, who is busy in his CT preparations heard this rumor about Justice Lodha and quickly ran to Anil Kumble’s room to patch up with him. He explained Kumble about Justice Lodha’s style of working and how he would make life hell for the cricketers. Kumble, after some initial hesitation, nodded in favor of the patch up.

In fact Kumble and Kohli were seen dining together chatting and laughing like never before, such is the threat of Justice Lodha. Kohli has also promised that he will never again fight with coach Kumble. He will listen to all advises and also bring his agression down to behave in a manner which Kumble wants him to.

This is at least good news for the cricket team trying to bring back the Champions Trophy as they can now focus on the game without being worried about the Kohli-Kumble spat.