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Kohli snaps back at critics who say players perform in IPL for money, says 'Look at RCB, we are performing poorly even in IPL'

05, Apr 2019 By @jurnoleast

In post match press conference, RCB captain Virat Kohli snapped back at critics who say that IPL money drives performance of team players. While speaking to the media he said, “This is totally WROGN. It’s not that we play horribly in domestic tournaments. Look at last few matches of RCB. We have performed poorly all throughout. We should get an award for consistency.”

“Critics of IPL should realize that two WROGNs don’t make a right,” he added without explaining the context of his statement.

When questioned if his performance suffered after marriage, Kohli said, “That is not true. To be honest  it is the Fairplay Awards that has affected my performance. Thanks to these awards I have to tone down my aggression. I can’t use abuses. The first few matches without abuses were tough for me. In fact I had 104 deg fever after the first match.”

With slim chances of making it to the playoffs the team in now working on its dancing skills for some of the TV commercials that are supposed to go live this week.