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Laborer with 5 KG cement sack on back, mistakenly runs through a 10K marathon, wins by huge margin

27, May 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Mumbai: In a sensational turn of events a construction worker by name Bheekhu was declared the winner of Mumbai 10K marathon after he accidentally ran the whole marathon route while carrying a heavy cement bag between two of the city’s major construction sites. Apparently the route taken by Bheekhu between the two construction sites completely overlapped with the Mumbai marathon route and hence he was noticed by the organizers while running on the race track at an unbelievable pace. Bheekhu was later declared a winner by a huge margin as he completed the whole race in less than an hour where the next best participant could only finish it up in 1 hour 25 minutes.

Bheekhu who works as a daily-wage worker at a new housing society being constructed on the outskirts of the city later talked to news channels in detail. Bheekhu told media that on that morning he was actually instructed by his supervisor to quickly carry a 5 KG cement sack to a “nearby” construction site 15 Kms away, where the construction team was facing some cement shortage. Bheekhu immediately picked up a 5 KG cement bag and started running towards the other site. Since he was in such a hurry to reach the other site he accidentally aced the 10K too which featured exactly in the middle of his route.

Bheeku in action!
Bheeku in action!

Another 10K participant Rohail Bandookwala, an import-export businessman, who came 2nd in the 10 K was not very happy with the result and poured his emotions in front of media. He said, “I have been doing a rigorous 3 hours work-out daily since past 6 months. I had even cut down severely on carbs and have been focusing a lot on my running strategy. I was desperately hoping to win this event, but from nowhere a beggar like person comes, beats me squarely and wins the race?”

“And let me put things in perspective here. Firstly I was wearing my Duma super-bubble extra support Alexander-series shoes which I recently bought online for Rs. 11,562 and that majdoor was just running barefoot. Is that even allowed? Secondly, I was in proper racing gear and he was not. I was wearing my flexi-knee caps, the official 10K T-shirt, and also my shoulder pack that keeps my mp3 player intact. On the contrary that laborer was running adhoc without even a T-shirt? This is not acceptable sir, I will strongly complain against it. I was one of the best contenders and still I was found to be no match for the person who had not even registered for the 10K? I stand defeated for no mistake of mine,” Bandookwala fumed in anger.

While Bheekhu is being criticized for his actions by several race-participants, Rubeena Chewingumwala one of the chief organizers of 10K was all praises for Bheekhu, “Bheekhu is a lovely personality. I talked to him for an hour and I find him simple, humble yet extremely capable. What no one is talking about is the fact that he not only ran the whole distance in around 45 minutes, he also did it with a 5 KG cement sack on his back. That is a world record in itself.”

“Also let us not forget he did not run just 10 Kms he actually ran 15.7 Kms, the total distance between the two construction sites. It’s just marvelous to see a super-human, dressed in torn rags, innocently achieving record breaking feats and yet staying modest about it. To be frank I would have actually dated him if he were a bit more classy,” 28 year old Ms Chewingumwala said with a blushing smile.

While Bheekhu may have won many hearts with this feat, he may not finally receive rewards for this victory in 10K as several other marathon participants have registered strong complaints against him on technical grounds for participating and winning race without wearing proper racing gear and without registering for the event.

However a local NGO has promised Bheekhu that they will help him get justice if he agrees to change his religion and re-names himself Patrick. They have also agreed to help with him legal framework and documentation around the religion change.