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Lalit Modi and Suresh Kalmadi join hands to start a private Olympic league

04, Aug 2010 By Freeriding Sid

New Delhi. Shocked by the jolt of the rejected Asian Games 2019 bid, Suresh Kalmadi announced today that he was joining forces with the much maligned former suspended (change made after objections from Mr. Modi himself) IPL commissioner Lalit Modi to form a company named Rendenzvous sports club. The company aims at starting parallel Olympic Games and hosting it in India.

“The similarity amongst both of us is uncanny. We both are men of great vision and sporting passion. Our synergies were clearly visible. Our getting together was just a natural phenomenon.” said an elated Lalit Modi after the announcement.

Suresh Kalmadi joining hands with Lalit Modi
Kalmadi and Modi after announcing their Indian Premier Partnership

It is learnt that both were in constant touch after the end of IPL3 and decided to launch the venture when they fully understood that it was in no way possible to have Olympic Games in India without such a rebellion. The first edition of the games will be held in February 2012 clashing with the dates of the IPL in order to start a direct war against cricket. Many sporting icons of other sports welcomed this idea because they think it will challenge the hegemony of cricket in India.

While there was no information on the sporting events and the names of participating sportspersons, countries or clubs, the locations and stars that will be performing in the opening and closing ceremony have already been decided. The ceremonies will see top performers from the Bollywood and the Hollywood film industries dancing together. It promises to be an event like never before and would bring loads of foreign exchange in the country.

“If people thought IPL was big, they are in for a surprise” said Mr Sharad Pawar, who preemptively clarified that he had no stake in the company but was only giving outside support.

“We have already signed up sponsorship deals worth 500 Crores. If IPL had Deepika, we will have Angelina. If IPL had one blimp, we will have 5 blimps. Everything will be just bigger and better.” said an elated sponsor who had unsuccessfully bid for an IPL team last year.

Suresh Kalmadi could not be contacted but his secretary responded to the query on his role in the company, “Mr Kalmadi has eons of experience in running non cricketing sports. There is no better sports administrator than him in the entire country because nobody under the age of 60 has been involved in that role. So who better than him to rule the roost?”

There are rumors that some other experienced sports administrators like Praful Patel, Priyanjan Das Munshi and VK Malhotra would be on the board of the company.

“It’s time to challenge the domination of the IOA and IOC who have always deprived Indians of viewing a world class event. If we cannot get it, we will create it.” said Lalit Modi, who declined to comment on reports that he was helping Suresh Kalmadi prepare a 35000 pages response to the allegations of corruption in the Commonwealth Games.