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“Last man batting should be allowed so that we don’t fall 20-25 runs short” – Dhoni

10, Feb 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Pune: After falling short by 20-25 runs once again while batting first, Indian captain MS Dhoni has urged ICC to allow last man batting.

Dhoni smiling after imagining 20-25 runs more in every match
Dhoni smiling after imagining 20-25 runs more in every match

Last man batting is the rule in gully cricket where the last remaining not out batsman gets to bat even when there is no partner on the other end and all his teammates have gotten out. This ensures fairness and equal batting opportunity to all.

Top scorer for India, R. Ashwin was left stranded yesterday as every other batsman got out denying him the opportunity to score some more runs. Ashwin scored 31 off 24 balls and was unbeaten at the end with 7 balls remaining.

This appeal is gaining support from all tailenders who are generally denied batting because of this draconian rule created by the British.

Speaking to the press after the match yesterday, Dhoni said, “This is so unfair on the last batsman standing that he is denied the opportunity to bat just because nobody could get him out. This is against batting neutrality. Ashwin was our best batsman today and he got penalized for batting well. There were still 7 legitimate balls that he could have faced and given us those few extra runs that we needed.”

“Earlier people didn’t pay attention to this ridiculous law because tailenders were there for formality during batting but now we have triple centurions among our tailenders so we need to address this. We are losing out on those precious 20-25 runs in many games that can guarantee us victory.” Dhoni went on to add.

ICC is yet to react to this demand by the Indian captain but former Indian great Sunil Gavaskar has come out in support of this demand. “I always say on air that we need street smart cricketers in limited overs cricket. Now for street smart cricketers, we need street cricket rules as well and last man batting makes good sense.”

Meanwhile, Pakistani wicketkeeper batsman Kamran Akmal isn’t too happy with this request. “If they have to adopt a gully cricket rule, it must be one-tip one-hand catch out so that I can also take some catches. Implement that before last man batting.”