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Like the kid who owns the bat, Srinivasan threatens to scrap IPL if CSK is disqualified

27, Nov 2014 By idiot420

Chennai. Soon after the Supreme Court asked BCCI to disqualify the IPL franchise Chennai Super Kings, ICC Chairman N Srinivasan has threatened to scrap the whole tournament if his IPL team is thrown out.

Reportedly, the idea to do so clicked in Srinivasan’s mind while recalling his childhood days, when he used to get an extra chance of batting even after getting out – all because he owned the bat.

“You see, I know how to play cricket”

“Srini Anna knows a lot about cricket and how to handle critical situations during a match. Anna is so much into cricket that he brings what he used to do on the ground into real life,” said Surya Jagannathan, a close aide of Srinivasan while talking to Faking News, “His basic technique is so strong that he is capable of facing even the most lethal bouncers and yorkers from the opposition.”

As per Surya, Srinivasan is taking this match against Supreme Court too seriously and is willing to put his entire cricketing experience to win this match.

“If Anna is using this ‘Bat-Trick’, it means he is in no mood to lose the match,” Surya continued adding that ‘Bat-Trick’ is the most dangerous weapon in Srinivasan’s arsenal.

Talking more about ‘Bat-Trick’, Surya revealed that even in his childhood, Srini had a habit of managing things so strategically that during the match only his bat was available for use.

“To make sure that only his bat is available on the ground, he used to follow two methods. First one was running secret missions to damage bats of other children, and second one was a diplomatic route, under which he always kept two to three bats with him. By doing this, he was able to convince other children that there was no need to buy any new bat,” Surya explained Srinivasan’s ‘Bat-Trick’.

Having such a stronghold in BCCI and ICC thanks to his childhood expertise, Srinivasan is currently capable of scraping the whole IPL event.

“This is the perfect situation for Anna to play his ‘Bat-Trick’,” Surya concluded.