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Listless Bollywood stars head to South Africa for acting tips

23, Jun 2010 By TheMalluLampoon

Cape Town, South Africa. It seems that football fever of a different kind has hit Bollywood! Recent reports indicate that a horde of listless Bollywood actors have descended upon South Africa. Our investigations revealed that under the pretense of watching the world cup, they were actually taking acting lessons from the players. One of the actors, under the condition of anonymity, confessed that they had a lot to learn from these players.

“The acting prowess of these players put them in a league of their own and actors like us are eager to learn the tricks of the trade.” conceded the actor, who believes that that there was no dearth of acting talent currently in South Africa. “Almost every other team seems has exceptionally gifted actors,” he added.

Didier Drogba
Lights, Vuvuzela, Camera... action! - Footballer Didier Drogba is seen giving a naturally ‘being hurt’ shot here for a live television broadcast

According to sources, players like Abdul-kader Keïta, Arturo Vidal, Vassilis Torosidis and Lucio are the most sought after by the Bollywood stars although traditional experts like Didier Drogba and Cristiano Ronaldo too are not far behind.

The Bollywood contingent includes acting legends like Tusshar Kapoor, Sohail Khan, Fardeen Khan and Uday Chopra. Apparently Shiney Ahuja too wanted to join in but dropped the plan as he was not given permission to leave the country.

The ladies too are not far behind with the likes of Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta, Esha Deol and Katrina Kaif rumored to be in attendance. In fact, Tusshar Kapoor was spotted spending a lot of time with the Brazilians and Italians, who are generally acknowledged to be the masters of the trade.

But the big question is whether these ‘training sessions’ will actually help these actors improve their skills? There is also the possibility of the exact opposite happening: the lousy acting of the members of the contingent might rub off on the players making them incapable of play acting. In fact, as a precautionary measure Tusshar Kapoor has resorted to adding another “s” to his name.