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Lodha panel now recommends that Mohammed Shami should bat above Umesh Yadav

21, Nov 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: After making a recommendation about everything related to Indian Cricket, Supreme Court appointed Lodha panel has started making recommendations about team composition and the batting order. Justice RM Lodha Committee has filed a fresh status report in the Supreme Court on Monday, which recommends that Mohammed Shami should be batting ahead of Umesh Yadav in the batting order.

Shami should be Number 10

During the ongoing test series against England, Yadav has come out to bat at Number 10 while Shami comes out as the last man. This has not gone down well with Lodha panel and they have asked Supreme Court to issue an order reversing their batting positions.

“The panel had made recommendations about everything to Supreme Court, from BCCI’s office bearers to BCCI’s finances to the betting rules, now there was nothing else left but the batting order of the team. They noticed that Umesh is consistently coming out to bat ahead of Shami even though the latter looks like a more genuine batsman. Therefore, to improve Indian Cricket, they made this recommendation”, our source at the Supreme Court informed us.

“If you study their records carefully, you will see that the Lodha panel’s recommendation carries weight. Shami has a better average than Umesh in international cricket, whether it is tests or ODIs. Yes Umesh averages better in domestic cricket but we are talking about international test cricket right now. In domestic games, Umesh can bat wherever he wants”, our source added.

Meanwhile, there is also a rumour that in their next status report, Lodha panel will also recommend the minimum amount of time Ravindra Jadeja must take to complete an over. “You miss his entire over if you blink your eyes, this in unfair on the viewers and must be corrected”, an insider told Faking News.