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Looking at the party pics after Ashes 2019, Ravi Shastri urges BCCI to include India in next Ashes series

17, Sep 2019 By Guest Patrakar

Mumbai. As the fifth and final Ashes Test came to an end, players from both England and Australia shared the dressing room and were seen chit-chatting about the intense battle that took place on the cricket field over the course of five matches.


Ravi Shastri is very impressed with the after series party of the Ashes and wants India to be a part of the Ashes regularly. Ravi is known for his party skills, event management, dancing, drinking, and some cricket. He wants India to play the Ashes in 2020-21.

Ravi Shastri has written a letter to BCCI in which he has mentioned that Indian team will benefit from participating in the Ashes. The team will become strong and competitive if they play with such strong teams like England and Australia. For the first time, Ravi has made a presentation which shows the importance of participating in the Ashes.

Given BCCI’s clout, it won’t be impossible for India to enter the Ashes. And if it doesn’t work out, we have Amit Shah to do the negotiations. Ravi has also praised BCCI to arrange the first match in Dharamshala as the washout meant he could party harder with the boys. He wants at least one match in a series that gets washed out as that means party and relaxation for the boys.