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We lost because Manjrekar didn’t insult enough players: Ravi Shastri

12, Jul 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

London: India lost a thrilling semifinal to New Zealand by 18 runs and since then, fans have been blaming various people for the loss. Some have blamed the top order, some have blamed Dinesh Karthik, some have blamed MS Dhoni, but now the alleged Indian Coach Ravi Shastri has come out and named the person who actually cost India the game.

ravi shastri

Ravi Shastri has said that it was commentator Sanjay Manjrekar who cost India the match by not insulting enough Indian players. Manjrekar called Ravindra Jadeja a bits and pieces player that led to a Twitter reaction from Jadeja.

Following that, Jadeja gave one of his greatest performances ever and nearly won the match for India on his own.

Speaking to the press, Coach Shastri said, “You saw how well Jadeja played after Manjrekar’s comments so why didn’t Manjrekar insult more of our players? We had no shortage, there is KL Rahul who looks nervous even after crossing 100, Chahal who can’t even catch a cold in Antarctic, there is DK who is somehow always in the team without ever doing anything, Manjrekar could have insulted any of those and ensured a victory for India but he failed.”

“It is not that he didn’t criticize everyone but it was too mild to get a reaction from our players. You need something strong to get through the thick skin our players have developed over the years”, the Indian coach added.

When asked whether the Coach is responsible as well for the team’s performance, Shastri said, “As coach, I keep everyone sober by finishing the alcohol in everyone’s mini fridge immediately after checking in. I can’t be any more responsible than that.”