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Is it magenta, carnation, coral, puse or cerise? : Bandra girl asks BCCI to specify the type of pink color

22, Nov 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Mumbai. India will be playing its first pink ball test today, but female fans are not happy as BCCI has not specified the type of Pink. Bandra girl, Ankita Jain has written a letter to the BCCI to convey the type of pink so that female fans would be interested in watching the match.

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Right now there is a lack of clarity among the female fans. There were lot of social media forums where the girls asked people about the type of Pink used for the test match but no one was able to clarify their doubts. All those girls have to thank Ankita for taking this bold step.

Along with India and Bangladesh, there will be a lot of attention placed on the SG pink balls as even they will be used for the first time in a Test match. Sourav Ganguly has taken the question seriously and will surely convey the color in the next couple of days. Even if he doesn’t do it for this test match, the BCCI board will make sure that they do it from the next day-night test match.

Fashion designers will also be called to help design the ball in a more attractive way so as to appeal to more and more female fans. There are also chances that other colors will also be considered.