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Mahut fails to wake up, forfeits marathon Wimbledon match to Isner

24, Jun 2010 By Rudi Nonnahem

Wimbledon, UK. A match that has broken all records and was set to break even more, ended in the most bizarre fashion – a way that has never been seen before, and probably may never be seen again. The match between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut, scheduled to continue today morning, ended in dismay for the French as Nicolas Mahut failed to wake up on time, causing the match to be “forcefully forfeited” in favor of John Isner, who’s from the States.

It is said that 10 straight hours of tennis the previous day was the reason for Mahut’s inability to wake up the next morning.

“I am speechless. I cannot possibly understand how he can be this irresponsible” said Mahut’s coach, who was evidently quite angry. Apparently, he kept telling Mahut to get a new alarm clock, but Mahut never got around to doing so.

It is said that the umpire was quite ticked off with Mahut as the match was scheduled to begin at 8 30 am GMT and a huge crowd had shown up for the third day of the historic match, but since Mahut didn’t show up even by 11 am GMT, the umpire gave the match to Isner.

Nicolas Mahut
Mahut tried to throw a tantrum in retaliation to the decision made by the umpire to no good effect

“Preposterous. Highly irresponsible behavior on Mahut’s part. He should’ve realized that the match involves a lot more people than just him. I had to give the match to Isner, for he has shown true responsibility by turning up on time. Even he played the same match yesterday, but he has shown up today” said the Umpire.

Mahut later arrived at court 18, probably after being woken up by some angry fan or hotel housekeeping guy, only to realize that he had lost the match. He tried to protest the result, but it was too late by then.

Clearly, the French were really upset with the result. “Zis is blasphemy. I mean, ee comes ere, breengs ze match till ere, and zen goes and messes eet up. Zis is not pardon-able. And ze fa-gench are not aapee wiz dis result. I mean first France goes out of ze football Werld Cup, and now zis. I am ashamed to call myself French now” exclaimed one of the fans Pierre Martin, who requested anonymity, but was later convinced by Faking News that they would not publish his name.

The American camp however, showed totally different emotions, for quite obvious reasons. “Well, what can I say? I guess I just got a little lucky today eh? Battling for the match for 10 hours straight and then this happens. Who woulda thunk it? Looks like the French haven’t stopped gifting us things since the Statue of Liberty” said Isner, with a sly grin on his face.

(submitted by Anirudh Menon, who can be reached on twitter and facebook)