Mallya puts a Jhalmuri stall outside Trent Bridge stadium; offers 50% discount to SBI employees

13, Jun 2019 By dasu

Nottingham: Taking a clue from British gentleman who closed all his loans from the profit he got from his superhit Jhalmuri stall outside Oval stadium, Vijay Mallya was spotted outside Trent Bridge Stadium selling Jhalmuri.


However, Vijay Mallya after all those years have not forgotten his old friends from SBI. He was found offering special fifty percent discount to SBI employees who have gone to Nottingham to watch India vs New Zealand world cup match.

“How can I forget my beloved SBI employees with whom I had so many lunch meetings. There would be customers waiting for hours to update their passbook, but for me deal would be done at the lunch table only. Bahut Khaya hai SBI ka, this is just a small token gesture from my side”, told Vijay Mallya to reporters.

When someone asked about the reddish looking chutney that he was mixing, Mr. Mallya told, “This is not normal red chutney. I have prepared a special one with red wine, that’s why it tastes awesome. I am not putting ground nuts. Instead of that exclusively sourced dry fruits from gulf countries which I am adding”.

“Khane mein, Peene mein, Pounds udane mein kabhi Kanjooshi nahin karna chahiye”, told Mr. Mallya, who was wrapping king fisher calendar papers to make cones for Jhalmuris.

We spotted a republic TV reporter who was eating Jhalmuri while side by side giving his exclusive bites to Arnab Goswami, some pieces of murmure got stuck in his throat. Mr. Mallya while offering his champagne bottle to reporter said, “Finish your Jhalmuri first. Tell Arnab I am not going run away. I will be here till end of match; you can ask me as many questions as you want”.