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Man already tired of pretending to care for Olympics

12, Aug 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Patiala: 23 yrs old Maninder Singh is already bored of Olympic Games and doesn’t want to pretend anymore that he has any interest in them. With every one of his friends showing interest in the games in Rio, Maninder also faked interest but he doesn’t think he can carry it on any longer.

“These games are never ending”, says Maninder

Rio Olympics started a week back and there are still 9 days remaining before the curtain comes down on the games. These Olympics saw the highest ever representation from India so the interest in the country is really high. So much so that for the first time in living memory, a cricket series being played concurrently is attracting fewer viewers than the Olympic Games.

Explaining his situation, Maninder said,”It is not that I haven’t tried. I followed many different sports, shooting, archery, swimming, boxing etc but all of them are so boring. Only Beach Volleyball has some potential but even there athletes have started coming fully dressed. There is nothing to hold my attention for so long. Kam se kam cheerleaders hi rakh lo IPL jaise.”

“India isn’t winning any medals either else I would have got some excuse to burst crackers and drink beer in celebration. All of my friends keep talking about Olympics so I also pretended that I care but I can no longer do that. If they think any less of me than what they do now, then it is ok. I can’t watch another boring round of any game”, Maninder added.

However, Maninder admitted that following the Olympics for a week wasn’t a total waste. “It did improve my geography a lot as I learned the names of several new countries. I am preparing for IAS so improved GK is always a great help”, Maninder said.

When we asked Maninder whether he doesn’t want to see Bolt run, he replied,”What is the big deal in running ji. Set a dog after me and see me running faster than him. Even the race lasts only 10 seconds, stay up for 10 hours to see a race of 10 seconds? No thank you.”