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Man claiming to be huge football fan found supporting Manchester United for world cup

12, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Pune. In a shocking incident a man claiming to be a huge football fan was found rooting for supporting Manchester United for the upcoming FIFA world cup.

The man in his early 20’s, Soukar Kumar, claims that he follows football religiously and like last year, this year too Manchester United will emerge world cup winners.

“Man-U just rocks man! They are too cool,” he said while switching between Star Cricket and Ten Cricket on his TV.

Souker bought this T-shirt recently but wondered
Souker bought this T-shirt recently but wondered “Who is Rooney?”

The man reportedly became a football fan 6 months back, after he saw a status update by his friend on Facebook that read “Man-U fan forever” getting 66 likes out of which 24 were by girls.

He immediately decided he loves football and it is the best sport ever, unliking all cricket related pages and liking all football related pages that he could on Facebook.

He now has a total of 12349 tweets out of 13500 dedicated to Manchester United on his Twitter profile, while the rest are about either AAP or Salman Khan.

Soukar however denies this story and claims he has been a football fan even before he came out of his mother’s womb.

“Dude I just love the way their wicket keeper catches the ball in front of that mosquito net,” said Soukar who took admission in Fergusson College in the city, after he was told Sir Alex Fergusson was Manchester United’s ex coach.

When asked which player he likes the most, he thought for a moment and said, “John Abraham undoubtedly! Man he plays well, but I don’t know why they show his matches on Movie channels.”

Soukar recently discovered his love for Tennis too after he chanced upon Maria Sharapova’s pics in front of Eiffel Tower.

“Tennis is also cool. But Football is ultimate,” Soukar said.