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Man discusses WI series in office, colleagues doubt his credentials as a true cricket fan

05, Jul 2017 By RT

Mumbai. A man of mid thirties, Mr. Amir, talked about the ongoing IND-WI series during lunch hour at the office. His colleagues immediately doubted his credentials as a true Indian cricket fan, it is learnt by Faking News.


“Lunch hour sports topic nowadays is anything but cricket in our office. We talk about Wimbledon, American football, formula one and even about ten-pin bowling. Anything else but cricket. How can we consider the IND-WI series as cricket, leave alone calling that as competitive cricket,” one of Amir’s colleagues and an ardent fan of Kohli told Faking News.

“When Amir started talking about IND-WI series, analyzing the games over by over, we were shocked. We tried to pull him out changing the topic to other sports. He would not take the hint. We changed the topic to Ind-Pak final and Jadeja-Pandya run out fiasco. His eyes flashed bright for a moment, but he went back to the IND-WI games again. What kind of a cricket fan is this?” he further added, showing visible irritation at Amir’s behavior.

“We can call it cricket if it is played with a pace that is better than golf. If the game is played in a slower pace than chess, how can this be cricket? Even Bangladesh Premier League is more thrilling than this. True cricket fans know which ones to follow and which ones to ignore. Amir is behaving like he is following the game for the first time in school,” another colleague and Amir’s erstwhile best friend told Faking News.

Amir has learnt of the developments in office and decided to talk only about IND women’s series, for the next lunch hour onward, it is learnt by Faking News.