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Man jumbles television channels to miss morning telecast of Perth test

12, Jan 2012 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Ravi Kapoor, a 23-year-old cricket fan who has broken his resolve of not watching cricket 230 times since his school days, has jumbled up the television channels stored on his television set so that he misses the live telecast of Perth test tomorrow morning. Ravi had woken up early in the mornings to watch live telecast of the last two test matches, and was disappointed on every day.

“I know I’d habitually wake up again tomorrow morning and switch on the television to jump straight on to Star Cricket. It was painful, but this time I’m taking all the precautions that I can,” Ravi told Faking News, “I plan to jumble up all the television channels on my LG television so that I fail to see Star Cricket as the first thing in the morning.”

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Producers of upcoming Bollywood movie Agneepath are already concerned that the continued poor performance of the Indian team in the ongoing Agneepath series could work against the movie

On the occasion of the earlier two test matches, Ravi was shocked all of a sudden by getting exposed to the live telecast of the match on the television. He’d usually wake up half an hour late due to winters and would find the team in trouble as soon as he opened the eyes.

“My fingers would automatically press the channel number for Star Cricket, and rest is history,” Ravi summarized the last two matches. This time, he wishes to get exposed to non-cricketing shocks like Jackie Shroff selling Sandhi Sudha on any random channel.

“I just wish I don’t get to see India TV discussing India’s performance at Perth as the first thing in the morning,” he expressed his deepest concerns, which also included Sachin getting out in his 90’s and Dhoni scoring quickfire 10 runs.

Asked why doesn’t he delete or block the sports channel altogether, Ravi said that he could take such extreme punitive steps if India loses the Perth test as well.

Many other cricket fans have taken similar steps to prepare themselves for the Perth test. Aakash, an internet addict, has added Cricinfo to the ‘blocked sites’ list to the firewall on his laptop, and has decided not to check Twitter or Facebook, where his friends could be live commenting the proceedings at Perth, till he has brushed his teeth.

“Everyone is doing something special for Perth,” a cricket expert said, “Except Duncan Fletcher.”