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Man from Navi Mumbai set to celebrate no matter who wins IPL final,Says both Pune and Mumbai equally far

21, May 2017 By Guest Patrakar

Hyderabad: Crores of IPL fans across the globe are excited to know who will lift the trophy in 10th edition of the Indian Premiere League. The final match happens on Sunday evening between Mumbai Indians and Rising Pune Supergiants.mumbai-indians-skipper-skipper-sharma-supergiant-rising_7c1bec30-3dd9-11e7-b517-0cbfa8e97d3f

To gauge the atmosphere, we conducted a poll on our website

“Who will win IPL 2017?” and gave three options

  1. Mumbai Indians
  2. Rising Pune Supergiant
  3. Sab mile hue hain ji, IPL fixed hai

97% people who participated voted for third option while option 1 and option 2 got equal no. of votes.

Poll result clearly shows how interesting the match is going to be.

While it’s really difficult to say who’s going to celebrate, Mumbaikars or Puneri Janta, MNS leader and its workers have already started celebrating. Faking News reporter spoke to MNS leader Raj Thackeray, who claims that it’s because of his power that both the Maharastrian team have made it to the finals. Mr. Thackeray said “We are not bothered who wins, both the finalists are from Maharashtra, Maharashtra has already won. Jai Maharashtra!” 

A guy from Navi Mumbai, Navin Tambe, is set to celebrate no matter who wins. Soon after Mumbai defeated Kolkata, Tambe updated his facebook post which says

“मी साजरा करीन कोण विजय असो वा नाही, मी नवीमुंबईच्या अर्धमुंबईच्या अर्ध्या पुनेरी पासून आहे”

It means “I will celebrate no matter what, I am from Navi Mumbai, hence half-Mumbaikar and Half-Puneri”

Faking News correspondent spoke to Tambe and he said “I used to consider myself a Mumbaikar, but one day I took my car to office instead of catching a local, that day I had to pay toll at vashi. I realized that I am not a Mumbaikar. I pay toll at Pune too. I went into identity crisis. I was under medication for almost a year. My psychiatrist friend Mrs. Jhople helped me in getting back to normal. With time I got convinced that I am half-Mumbaikar and a Half-Puneri.”

Tambe also said it took him more time to reach Mumbai than it took to reach Pune and hence his loyalties were divided equally.

Well, it is clear that people like Tambe are going to celebrate tonight, but it doesn’t end the excitement for many.