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Man shocked to know 105 and 107 are not Kohli's scores but the team's scores

27, Feb 2017 By RT

Bangalore. A man in his mid-thirties, a cricket fan for the better part of his life, was shocked yesterday to know about the scores from both the Indian innings.


He simply asked what the score was to a friend and got a reply ‘105 and 107’. The natural next question on the overall score of the team and he got shocked to hear it was 212.

George Nair, an IT employee spoke to Faking News and said, “Whenever I ask for the score, it is always means Kohli’s score. When I was told 105 and 107, I was happy. But, this fellow who told me the score sounded so unhappy about it. I first thought this was a Tendulkar fan feeling unhappy with every progressive century of Kohli’s. When I exclaimed out loud saying what a player and what a captain, the guy smiled sarcastically. I was confused and asked him directly if he also was a Kohli fan and expected double centuries in both the innings.”

“It tuned out that he was in fact a Tendulkar fan and the scores he referred to were the total scores of the Indian innings. When I came to know Kohli’s scores of 0 and 13, I immediately knew the reason for the smile. It is ironic, this fellow wants India to do well and Kohli to score enough to ensure an Indian win, but not anything extraordinary to rival the erstwhile little master’s records,” George pointed out.

“I could not digest the low scores of Kohli and Indian team. I was in shock for a few hours. To get over it, I have decided to talk to a cricket expert and called up my friend Barsha Hogle. He simply said that the opposition wasn’t Bangladesh and the city wasn’t Hyderabad. I am not sure if I am comforted by his comments. I am still confused if he is praising India or critical of the recent happenings,” he further added.

Meanwhile, a lot of people were seen seeking refund of the tickets for the fourth day of the play on Sunday, as was reported by our correspondent.