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Man sues Star Sports for showing Hockey instead of repeating Cricket matches

13, Mar 2015 By girpadekhelkar

Chandigarh. Keeraj Chopra, a 24-year-old resident of Jagadhari, Haryana has sued Star Sports for airing Hockey India League live matches last month, which according to him wasted the time that could have been better utilized by running highlights of the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup which had started by then.

Hockey India League or HIL is a league competition very much like IPL that practically very few people know about. The difference is that IPL is for cricket and has massive following whereas HIL caters to the needs of Hockey and is still looking for spectators. HIL just concluded their third season.

Our correspondent contacted Keeraj and reached out to him in his hometown where he is running his own venture ‘Keeraj Coaching Classes’ for IAS preparation and SSB.

If a wooden stick and a ball had to be on ground, why not Cricket instead?

“Cricket is our National Game; it runs in our blood, nostrils, everywhere. When each and every Indian is cheering for the biggest World Competition on the Earth, Star Sports played a spoil-sport and live feeds HIL which no one wants to see,” rued an angry Keeraj. When told that recent RTI has revealed that India has no national game, he demanded the identification of the journalist protesting about his professional ignorance.

Keeraj, like many other true Sports fans in India, follows Cricket, Manchester United, Roger Federer, and Sachin Tendulkar, and has recently started to develop a special hatred for Maria Sharapova.

He claimed that a true fan like him requires watching each and every match for a number of times to analyze the game and jot down intricate details that an ordinary fan is unable to comprehend. Without these analyses and statistics of Cricket, life of an Indian is incomplete and unworthy. Keeraj says that his love and loyalty towards Cricket inspired him to move to the court against Star Sports.

But being a true sports lover that he is, Keeraj has some advice for Hockey. “Hockey needs to push their game, bring some more adrenaline rush and tweak their rules a little. To begin with they should replace hockey sticks with cricket bats to appeal to the audience. Hockey players too should hurl some abusive language during the matches to increase their TRP. 70-minute format should be changed to 20-minute format, like we did in T20 Cricket. See how big a hit it was?”

When told that recently 70-minute format has been changed to 60-minute format, Keeraj was convinced of correspondent’s poor knowledge about sports and quoted Shahrukh Khan from Chak De India “Sattar minute hain tumhare paas.” He claimed that King Khan can never go wrong.

We have no comment from Hockey India on this as we couldn’t reach them. During HIL, most of them were found enjoying the matches and free meals in VIP section with their families. But since HIL got over it is getting difficult to locate them.

Meanwhile locals of Jagadhari have shown full support to Keeraj and are seeking help of top lawyers like Ram Jhootmalani to pursue the case further.