Man watching all India-Zimbabwe matches to be honored by ICC for his dedication to cricket

13, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Harare: 26 yrs old Anuj Kumar is set to be honored by the International Cricket Council (ICC) for his dedication towards the game of Cricket. India is currently playing Zimbabwe in a series that has generated no interest anywhere.

India zimbabwe cricket
Someone is watching!

Anuj followed every ball of the 1st ODI and was following the 2nd ODI with the same dedication when reports last came in. Even when everyone apart from KL Rahul’s family had fallen asleep during the first match, Anuj kept sitting in front of his TV set to follow the action. ICC has decided to honour such dedication and will reward him with a special prize during the annual ICC awards.

“With the rising popularity of T20s, traditional forms of the game are facing an uncertain future. While the purists will keep test cricket alive, ODIs have no such support group. Therefore, we need fans like Anuj who will watch a match in which nobody else has any interest. We must reward them appropriately to motivate more such people to waste 8 hours over a match nobody cares about”, said a senior ICC executive.

“People keep blaming ICC for lack of growth of Cricket outside the traditional powerhouses and then don’t watch any match when we try to organize a series involving teams outside the top 8. Even the advertisers try to avoid these games but we keep hold of them through packaged deals. However, we can’t do packaged deals to keep hold of spectators. That is why people like Anuj are important.  We need guys like him to watch series involving teams like Angola and Russia to take the game to all corners of the world”, the ICC executive added.

As per sources, Anuj will be rewarded with the tickets to the final of the next World Cup and a chance to click selfie with the captains of all test playing nations.

When we asked Anuj about his dedication to the game, he said ,”What dedication? I have insomnia and doctors said this could help cure it.”