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Man wearing Indian cricket jersey thrown out of Mumbai local train by angry fans

18, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. A man wearing Indian cricket team jersey was thrown out of a running Mumbai local train by furious cricket fans in broad daylight earlier today. The victim has sustained minor injuries, but is out of danger.

This is the first incident of an incensed mob showing their anger in the aftermath of yet another humiliating series defeat of Indian team overseas.

The victim, who is in his early 30s, reportedly boarded the coach wearing a rain coat as it was raining. Everything was going normal; he was spitting guthka on the walls, obstructing the passage, talking loudly on phone etc, but none of his behavior seemed to have angered co-passengers. But all hell broke loose when he decided to take off his raincoat, revealing the Indian cricket team jersey.

They have been provided Z+ security.
They have been provided Z+ security.

Suddenly everybody in the coach started looking towards him with disdain. And after few eye exchanges, they formed a mob and threw him out of the train near Elphinstone Road station.

As per onlookers, what enraged the crowd further was the fact that the jersey had “Dhoni” written behind it.

“This shameless man must be the only person backing Dhoni, besides Dhoni himself. He should be thankful we didn’t throw him on a man taking dump,” one of the angry fans, who pushed the man out of the train coach, told Faking News.

Saala isse toh nanga ghoom leta, we would not have minded,” the man added

Fans say that they might have not become so violent had the Dhoni jersey wearing man not asked a boy with curly hair like Sachin Tendulkar, to make space so that he could sit as the fourth person.

Though Mumbai Police has been on high alert since yesterday, anticipating stone pelting by supporters, they didn’t know that such an attack could take place.

“We were guarding houses of players like Ajinkya Rahane and even Rohit Sharma despite our unwillingness. But I guess in Mumbai, nobody has time and patience to come all the way to a house and attack it, so they simply chose to vent their anger this way,” a sub inspector told Faking News.

Meanwhile the victim, who is still recovering from the shock of being thrown out, is unable to understand what happened to him.

Arre hamka nahi malum ki ee neele rang ka kapda pehanna apraadh hai. Hamka toh kauno saab diye rahe pahnne ke liye,” he said in his defense and claimed he didn’t even know who Dhoni was.

Meanwhile, as the news spread like wildfire, Indian cricket coach Duncan too got scared and uttered a few words for the first time in this year. He was immediately admitted to ICU for showing this abnormal behavior. As per latest reports his condition is said to be stable as he was back to doing nothing.