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Man who had been calling for Sachin to retire becomes jobless now

26, Dec 2012 By Rahul Saraf

New Delhi. Sanjay, a die-hard Sachin critic, who had been keeping himself busy over the last 18 months by pining for Sachin’s retirement, now suddenly finds himself out of any work.

Sachin’s retirement from One Day Internationals came as a shock to Sanjay. He is believed to have confessed to the editor-in-chief of a leading Indian news channel over a bottle of Old Monk, “Sachin has decided to leave the shorter form of the game and it is just a matter of time before he leaves tests too. How could he do this to me? What will I do now?”

Sanjay felt the withdrawal symptoms for the first time when he was about to update his status before the India Pakistan series as “Too bad the selectors didn’t drop Sachin. Now the Pakis will drop his catches in the field”.

However, he suddenly realized that Sachin Tendulkar won’t be playing the Pakistanis, and went into depression straightaway.

Jokes on Sachin Tendulkar
Sanjay’s messages on the social media after various events in 2012. One can notice that his arguments became less and less Sachin-related as the year wore on.

Sources close to Sanjay said that he had been fighting random people on Twitter and Rediff comments section over Sachin’s retirement. In his initial days, he could not handle the abuses that were hurled at him, and was advised by close aides to stop taking on veteran Sachin fans. But with an unmatched resolve, he stated “mein likhega” and came back with vengeance at his detractors.

Sanjay, whose full name is Sanjay Manjrekar, (not to be confused with the former Indian cricketer who scored five centuries for India, none of which resulted in Indian victory) would collect statistics from various sources showing Sachin’s lack of form or how his being in form jinxed the outcome.

Sachin Tendulkar
Sanjay can’t accept the prospect that Sachin might had had the last laugh

He would convert these stats into pictures before uploading them to Facebook and Twitter.

His friends recall, “He was so excited when he made a ‘Other Rajya Sabha MPs walk out, Sachin bowled-out’ joke. He further commented that his status had got more likes than the runs scored by Sachin in 2012, which again had got more likes. We had never seen him happier.”

There were claims that he would update his Google Plus account also with anti-Sachin remarks, but there was no way to verify the authenticity of the claim.

Sanjay’s last words to his wife were, “I had dreamt that one day I would call for Sachin’s retirement partnering with my son, but alas, Sachin ruined it”. This had greatly surprised his wife because they do not have a son yet.

No one is sure as to what Sanjay will do now. Speculations that he will join the protests in Delhi appear unlikely to come true after the PM has assured the nations that things were ‘theek hai’.