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Mangalyaan deviates from path, starts circling over Eden Gardens

06, Nov 2013 By idiot420

Kolkata. Hours after Mangalyaan completed its first stage and started orbiting around the Earth, news is coming in that the Mars Orbiter has deviated from its path and has started circling over Eden Gardens, where Sachin’s farewell test series is in progress.

This unexpected behavior of Mars Orbiter has left ISRO scientists scratching their head, as they are unable to figure out whether it is a machine malfunction or a completely new level of frenziness for Sachin.

“We knew that Mars Orbiter was smart, but we did not realize that it was sentimental too,” the chairman of ISRO Mr. K Radhakrishnan said, “To me, it appears as a side effect of being developed in India.”

“You must consider the fact that Mars Orbiter is on a 300-day journey, and once it will leave Earth’s orbit, it will never able to see Sachin playing again,” Radhakrishnan told Faking News one of the reasons why the spacecraft deviated from its path.

However, ISRO is expecting a correction in Mangalyaan’s behavior after the Kolkata test match is over. Reportedly, they have even contacted Sachin to leave a message for Mangalyaan to continue its journey and not come back again when the Mumbai test match gets underway at Wankhede.

Eden Gardens
Exclusive picture of the Mars Orbiter revolving around Eden Gardens

Meanwhile the news of Orbiter circling over Eden Gardens has generated a wave of madness across the nation.

Excited Sachin fans are seeing it as a miracle of God i.e. Sachin himself, while the Cricket Association of Bengal, which is already going overboard with their celebratory plans for Sachin farewell, is calling it a part of their “surprise gift” to Sachin.

News channels are going gaga over newly discovered “emotional side” of Mangalyaan.

One of the channels is running a show named, “Sachin ki yaad mein royaa Mangalyaan”. Reportedly, they saw some liquid coming out of Orbiter, which anchors spotted through a telescope that they have planted in their studio and concluded that they were tears.

The international community, including other space organizations like NASA and ESA, has congratulated ISRO for creating world’s first “Sentimental Satellite” and are hailing it as a milestone in the field of “Artificial Intelligence”.