Manjrekar removed from flight after repeatedly using Plane's audio system to tell everyone he played Test Cricket

26, Nov 2019 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai: Noted Cricket commentator Sanjay Manjrekar was removed from his flight at Mumbai airport earlier today when he refused to shut up about his Test career. After tolerating it for a while, the staff on-board the plane decided they can’t let Manjrekar disturb the other passengers throughout the flight. To avoid a boycott of the airlines by the Manjrekar fan, we have decided not to make the name of the airlines public.

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Sanjay Manjrekar, famous for playing some Test cricket but mostly famous for telling everyone that he has played Test cricket was boarding a flight this morning when the incident happened.

Speaking to Faking News, a member of the cabin crew said, “Mr. Manjrekar was among the first ones to board the aircraft and immediately after boarding, he started telling every member of the crew that he knows how to fly the plane because he has played Test Cricket. We were all very confused but then he explained that because he is familiar with the flight a spinner gives to the deliveries, he knows all about every flight.”

Further, the crew member added, “Initially he was just bothering the cabin crew members so we ignored him like the selectors in second half of the 90s but then he came up with a new idea. He entered the cockpit of the plane and started using the audio system to make the announcements about his Test career. First 2-3 times, we still let him do that but then the Pilot issued the threat that he will crash the plane if he had to listen to Manjrekar’s batting average one more time. That is when we took the call that he must be removed from the aircraft.”

When asked about the incident, Mr. Manjrekar said, “You know I played international cricket for nearly 10 years and First Class career for nearly 15 years. My batting average was…” (At this point our reporter fell asleep and missed the rest of the sentence.)