With many suffering from withdrawal symptoms due to non availability of liquor, Ravi Shastri offers tips on how to survive on limited stock of alcohol

31, Mar 2020 By @jurnoleast

With the country under lockdown till 14th April, citizens and habitual drinkers in particular are finding it difficult to deal with depleting reserve of alcohol.

To deal with this issue, Ravi Shastri has emerged as the knight in shining armor and has offered to share tips on how to make do with limited liquor supply.


With the news of Shastri sharing his valuable knowledge with the general public, dipsomaniacs across the country heaved a collective sigh of relief.

Sources say that Team India coach will be sharing his thoughts via a video on Youtube.

“Since IPL is off, Mr. Shastri is looking to kill time. And what better way to help people deal with limited alcohol supply when all wine shops are closed,” said the source.

In a three part video series, Coach Shastri will teach about Inventory Management, Economic Order Quantity and Ideal Glass size that will help even a pint last till April 14th.

The news also came as godsend for the Southern State of Kerala, where CM Pinarayi Vijayan was mulling making alcohol available for those with doctors prescriptions.

The state is not only worst affected by Coronavirus but also by those who couldn’t lay their hands on a bottle of alcohol because of the lockdown.

Ravi Shastri did not respond to our emails and text messages. A team official however denied having knowledge of any such ‘tutorial video series’.

“From what I know, even Shastriji is running low on supply. All this news is false and baseless. Please don’t get your hopes high,” he remarked.