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Married Indian man suspends one sided affair with Sharapova after doping controversy

08, Mar 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Mumbai:  32 yrs old Luvdeep Singh has decided to suspend his one sided love affair with tennis star Maria Sharapova after Sharapova’s admission that she tested positive in a dope test during the Australian open.

Maria Sharapova
Poster in Luvdeep’s office

Luvdeep has been maintaining this affair successfully for a decade but with Sharapova’s suspension from International Tennis Federation, he has decided to suspend his relationship with the tennis star as well.

Late last night, Sharapova admitted that she tested positive for meldonium, a substance she has been taking since 2006 for health issues. The substance has been on the banned substance list from 1st of January 2016.

Speaking to Faking News, Luvdeep said, “I fell in love with her a decade back when I saw her playing for the first time. I loved everything about her, even her loud grunts sounded like Beethoven’s symphony to me. Since then, I have followed all her matches even though I am not a Tennis fan. I even paid exorbitant ticket prices to see her live during various Tennis tournaments and now I am devastated.”

Explaining his decision to end the relationship, Luvdeep said, “This has come as a huge shock for me. I never thought Sharapova will cheat, knowingly or unknowingly. If she can cheat in Tennis, she can definitely cheat in our one sided relationship as well. I trust that she didn’t take meldonium knowingly but that only shows she is careless as well. I don’t know whether I want to be in a relationship with someone so careless.”

“It is not just about me. What about our imaginary unborn children? What will I tell them when they grow up? Will they believe us when we tell them that it was a mistake and not a deliberate error? I have decided to act safe like Nike and ITF and provisionally suspended my relationship with her. If she is proven innocent after the enquiry, maybe I will put back her photo as my desktop screensaver”, Luvdeep said as he broke into tears.

After trying and failing to console him, we took our leave as Luvdeep started searching screensavers of Eugenie Bouchard.