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If match is called off, ICC to show JCB ki Khudai to fans

10, Jul 2019 By Santosh Pradhan

Manchester. The India New Zealand match which was not completed yesterday will start from where it stopped and both teams will fight it out to reach the finals. The weather forecast is not so optimistic though. There is a likelihood of rainfall and maybe the match gets called off.


ICC has fans interest in mind and will not allow them to return home unentertained. ICC will bring a JCB in the middle of the pitch and allow spectators to have a look at it for 3-4 hours. The JCB will be also allowed to dig a part of the pitch to give more entertainment to the crowd.

Fans seem to be happy with this announcement as they had paid heavily for the tickets. With this move from the ICC, they will recover all the money and some fans, in fact, want to give extra money to the ICC as watching JCB ki khudai is a lifetime experience. More fans are inquiring for tickets and the ICC website crashed after 15 minutes of the announcement.

ICC is working hard to bring up the website and sell more tickets for the match, or let’s say more tickets for the JCB viewing.

Fans in India need not worry about missing out on the experience as the JCB ki khudai will be telecasted live just like the cricket match for the full duration with commentary.