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MI vs RCB to officially replace India vs Pakistan matches

07, May 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai/Bangalore. After last night’s game at Wankhede stadium, BCCI has decided to officially do away with India Pakistan matches and replace them with Royal Challengers Bangalore and Mumbai Indians.

The two teams will now play two series every year which will be over and above their IPL encounters and may even feature in Tests and ODIs if all goes well.

“Due to political compulsions, it was looking almost impossible to revive Indo-Pak cricket, and that’s why we were looking for alternatives for a long time. We are glad we found one in MI vs RCB match,” official statement from BCCI read.

The BCCI members denied that it was being done for financial gains and claimed they were only catering to their loyal fans who were feeling deprived of action.

Pollard Starc fight
All the making of an epic battle.

“The amount of sledging, aggression, passion etc involved in MI vs RCB encounters far exceeds combined sledging in all international matches played so far,” claimed Rajiv Shukla, Vice President BCCI.

“I have not seen so many so many spats and heated exchanges between cricketers when they represent their country,” added another official, pointing to the Pollard-Starc fight which he claims will replace infamous Gambhir-Afridi or Venkatesh-Aamir Sohail clash, in days to come.

If sources are to be believed, the stage was sent last season only when MI fans booed Virat Kohli in Wankhede and called him ‘cheater’ as if he was from Pakistan.

While it is still not clear which of these teams would represent which country, but fans from Mumbai Indians argue since they have won more matches against RCB, they should represent India.

“Besides, we already have Indians in our name,” argued an MI fan.

He also pointed to the symbolic resemblance between RCB and Pakistan referring to the similarity in running between Chris Gayle and Inzamam-ul-Haq.

However this insinuation that RCB could become Pakistan was enough to create disturbance across the border.

“We don’t have bowlers like Ashok Dinda,” screamed a fan from Karachi.

“Also it is a conspiracy by RAW and Narendra Modi to attack on our beliefs by associating us with a team whose owner is a liquor baron,” he added.