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Model who offered to strip on Pak win, now vows to punish boys by staying in burqa for 6 months

20, Mar 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

Karachi, Semi-democratic Republic of Pakistan: Wannabe supermodel Qankeel Kamdil, also known as Pakistan’s version of Poonam Pandey, who promised to strip if Pak boys defeated India boys in the World T20 clash between them, has now taken a completely reverse vow to stay completely covered in a burqa for next 6 months.

Large sections of media and audience let out gasps of horror as Qankeel came out of her Karachi residence completely clad in a burqa this morning. She even refused to lift her veil saying she is ashamed by the actions of Pak team.

A model who had promised to strip if Pakistan wins
A model who had promised to strip if Pakistan wins

She said – “Janab, main itna hi kahungi, that I am very hurt. I promised to go sky clad for our boys, but since they have let us all down, I am going to punish them and punish them hard. I swear in front of you all that I will stay in burqa for next 6 months. Even when I post my weekly shower videos, I will be wearing a burqa. You won’t see even an inch of my skin for next 6 months. And Pak cricket team boys, whenever you see my burqa clad videos, it would remind you of what you have done to the nation.”

While there was no official comment from Pakistan cricket board on Qankeel’s statement, many of Qankeel’s fans are left heartbroken. Clinical cases of depression and insomnia are on rise throughout Pakistan, sources confirm.”

“This is double whammy,” a Pakistani fan of cricket and Qankeel said, “We had given up on YouTube after the government banned it every six months and all the cricketing clips were about our losses to India. The only good thing online was Qankeel’s website Qankeel ke haseen sapne.com. I watched her videos last night on her website so that I could sleep properly after Kohli did that to us. But now how will I sleep at night?”

Meanwhile in India, Poonam Pandey has asked Pakistani team not to worry even if Qankeel goes under burqa for her entire lifetime. “You will get more love in India,” she said in a statement issued to Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi.